The Organised Family Podcast Series by Stuck On You

The Organised Family Podcast by Stuck On You

Welcome to The Organised Family Podcast – Recipe ideas, creative home-organising tips, parenting advice and much more.

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Series 2. Episode 6: Family eats with Louise Keats

As busy parents, getting your children to eat nutritious and balanced meals can feel like yet another chore. In this podcast, we speak to renowned cookbook queen, Louise Keats, about how to deal with fussy little eaters, how to become more confident in the kitchen and creating meals that will please the whole family.

We discuss the many advantages of family meals on a child’s physical, mental and social well-being, how to optimise the introduction of new foods, and the powers you possess to shape your child’s lifetime food preferences.
Louise also provides some cunning tips that we wish we’d known earlier – using screen time for green time, getting reluctant parents more excited to spend time in their kitchens, and so much more.

Intrigued? Listen on!

For more on Louise Keats, go to her website at:

Series 2. Episode 5: A caravan and a plan – How a family of five packed up, bought a van and went travelling around Australia

In 2015, Bec and Justin Lorrimer packed up, sold their house, bought a caravan, and hit the road to see Australia with their three young children. They haven’t looked back since.

In this podcast, Bec provides tips on how to organise a family road trip, no matter what the length of time. We discuss planning, the essentials, the pitfalls and great destination ideas.
For more about the Lorrimer family’s adventures, go to their website:

Series 2. Episode 4: Be Kind To Yourself

Parenting is a rewarding but exhausting job, something that Founder and CEO of Endota Spas and busy mum, Melanie Gleeson, understands all too well. In this podcast, Melanie discusses the importance of balance and provides tips on managing mother guilt, how to restore your inner equilibrium when you’re feeling overwhelmed and above all, being kind to yourself.

Series 2. Episode 3: Back to School Cool with Carrie

Back to school is a hectic time. The transition from lazy summer days to the more rigid routine of school can be harsh for kids and parents alike. Our fabulous CEO and organisation guru Carrie Felton has put three children through school, making her the expert on how to beat the first day of school and back to school blues.

Listen to Carrie as she imparts her wisdom on school routines, fun school lunches and the immense power of lists.

In this podcast, we also include advice from our other podcast stars George (from School Lunchbox) and Nicole (from Planning with Kids) on how to get organised for back to school time.

Series 2. Episode 2: Sensational School Lunches

The Organised Family Series 2, Episode 2 hosts George Georgievski from School Lunch Box.

In 2015, George took over school lunch preparations for his two young daughters. From there, his creations started to take shape and people were taking notice. In response to such positive feedback, George created an Instagram page and School Lunch Box was born.

Children eat with their eyes so presentation can make the difference between an empty or full lunchbox at the end of a school day. In this podcast, George gives us his top tips on how to make delicious, healthy and creative school lunches. He also discusses how Bento Boxes encourage nutritious, fun and eco-friendly lunchtimes.

To see more of George’s lunchtime creations, visit

Series 2. Episode 1: School holiday survival tips

The Organised Family Series 2, Episode 1, hosts Nicole Avery from Planning with Kids. Nicole is a Melbourne mum of five kids ranging in age from 8 to 18 years. Her aim is to help families live more organised lives and have more time for the fun stuff.

The school holidays are coming up and you can almost hear the pre-emptive “I’m bored” chorus. Never fear, it’s Nicole Avery to the rescue! As a mum who has endured many many school holidays over the years, she has accumulated a whole pile of wisdom to impart to other parents. Hear her tips on fantastic activities that will keep the whole family amused without breaking the budget, how to manage tech time and how to prevent boredom and fights.

For more on organising family life, visit the Planning with Kids website at:

Episode 6: Cutting through the chaos of family life

The Organised Family Episode 6 hosts Nicole Avery, mum of five who also runs the blog Planning with Kids. With five kids between 8 and 18 years of age, Nicole is well-placed to provide wisdom on how to organise the chaos that is family life! In this podcast, Nicole discusses systems and routines that make home life run more smoothly. This includes a chore system where kids are allocated the number of jobs according to their age, how to cope with having kids of different ages, and how giving the kids some control over their tasks results in better outcomes.

Nicole also answers questions from listeners about how not to let routine get in the way of quality time with your children, and how to get your partner more involved in the planning process. For more on organising family life, visit the Planning with Kids website at:

Episode 5: Air Travel with Kids: Tips and Tricks

The Organised Family Episode 5 hosts Joanna Tovia. Joanna is Holidays with Kids magazine’s feature writer and freelance journalist who travels the world – often with her kids in tow – every chance she gets. This means she is well-equipped with advice to make travelling with kids easier. In this podcast, Joanna discusses tips and tricks for getting organised for your holiday, how to pack, the best times to fly with kids, managing jet lag, medical kit must-haves, how to get the most out of your holiday, and recommendations for top kid-friendly destinations.

For more on travelling with children, visit the Holidays with Kids website at

Episode 4: Your Child’s Mental Wellbeing

The Organised Family Episode 4 hosts Bernard Macleod, Psychotherapist for Children and Adolescents. Bernard explores issues that concern parents about their children – these include anxiety, parental separation, mourning and recognising ADHD. He discusses when to seek help from a psychotherapist and describes what typically happens in the sessions.

Bernard also tackles questions from listeners such as social media, accidentally being exposed to porn, overly anxious children and how to deal with the death of a friend.

For more on Bernard Macleod, visit his website on

Episode 3: Tiny to Teen – The Important of Literacy for all ages

The Organised Family Episode 3 hosts Tracey  Mills and Sarah McDuling from Booktopia, Australia’s leading online bookseller. Tracey and Sarah speak about the importance of sparking an interest in reading from a very young age (including while in the womb!), and provide tips and tricks on how to get kids of all ages interested in books, especially boys.

Tracey and Sarah also discuss questions from listeners such as whether traditional books are superior to e-books, cunning tricks to get kids hooked on books via audiobooks, and whether poo books are exploding (pardon the pun) in popularity.

Episode 2: Dr Justin Coulson: Starting or getting back to school

The Organised Family Podcast Episode 2 hosts one of Australia’s leading parenting experts, Dr Justin Coulson. Justin discusses how to promote resilience in your children, how to communicate positively with them and how to nurture a happy and harmonious family. The focus of this podcast is on how to effectively deal with the anxieties and fears around starting school.

Justin also tackles questions from listeners such as appropriate screen time, how to have a stress-free school morning, and how to strike a balance when it comes to discipline.

For more of Dr Justin Coulson’s advice and tips, visit his website

Episode 1: Louise Keats: Be a healthy food family.

The Organised Family Podcast Episode 1, hosts food nutrition writer and cook book author Louise Keats. Keats shares her views on child nutrition and explores the importance of introducing healthy food options into your child’s diet from a young age. Her insight, tips and tricks will educate and help you and your children understand how you can lead a healthy lifestyle with some great recipes and meal ideas.
For more information regarding healthy eating and portion sizes for children, Louise recommends visiting