Having a pen pal can still be cool with our Monogram Postcards

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With social isolation so prominent at the moment, we’re championing the resurgence of pen pals with our Monogram Postcards.

For better or worse, time is one thing we’ve all got more of right now. And without doubt, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we’re all trying to find new things to keep our minds occupied, new ways to stay in touch with our loved ones, and ultimately new ways to stay sane.

And the cool thing to do at the moment? Host an online event over Zoom and try to replicate the ambience of real-life (hint: ambience over Zoom is not a thing).

But there are other ways to pass the time at the moment. Have you thought about rediscovering activities you may not have done for a while? A long, long while.

Don’t fret, we’re not suggesting seeing how you look with a perm or attempting to bring VHS back to life.

We’re talking about the simple art of handwriting. Remember that thing you learned in school and might occasionally break out when your computer, phone, tablet or robot butler otherwise known as Google Home isn’t handy?

People used to use handwriting all the time! And one of the most popular pastimes for the humble written word was regular back-and-forth with a pen pal or two.

Penning the story

The history of pen pals goes back, unsurprisingly, to the time before the Internet and email—when people still had to communicate via the old-school ‘snail mail’.

But it differed from the regular form of mail, in that an actual ‘pen pal’ would serve a greater purpose than sending the yearly family Christmas letter or rub-it-in-your-face Paris postcard.

Pen pals would often be a pair of people who had never met in real life and never had any intention to.

It would often be a way for people from different countries to learn about other cultures and even practise “reading and writing in a foreign language.”

That’s right, it was a way for people to learn things before they could just Google them!

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The pen is mightier than the keyboard

Obviously, with the complete takeover of modern instant communication, the act of writing a letter by hand has taken a prominent backwards step.

It’s easier for people to type and use spell-check and, most significantly, send a message instantly instead of waiting days or weeks for it to travel in the mail.

Nowadays, between email, texting, chat services and video calling, it’s easy to see why the concept of writing anything would be completely foreign—especially to the younger generations. But handwriting is making a comeback…

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Pen there, done that

As they say, everything old is new again, and these days the world is seeing a resurgence in so-called retro things like old-school video games, vinyl records and, yes, even handwriting.

As the BBC indicates, many people are in fact using the digital realm to find others who also want to write letters.

They connect online through avenues like social media and then use that connection to put pen to paper. For them, writing letters is a more intimate and engaging experience where they can “sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and put some music on [and] choose some nice stationery.”

It’s also therapeutic, as a means to get away from the screens that dominate our lives. It also builds up a skill many of us have lost, and for the youngest of us, may have never even had.

Here at Stuck On You, we also love how this approach is being opened up for kids as a way to help others. Organisations like Mail Makes My Day allow kids the means to write letters to aged-care residents who may not otherwise have any contact with the outside world. This brightens up their lives and allows children to practise handwriting, comprehension—and just feel great about helping someone!

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Stuck on stationery

At Stuck On You, we absolutely love the return of handwritten correspondence! We’re all about personalisation, and receiving a hand-written letter or postcard is such a fantastic personal experience.

Also, with the current COVID-19 pandemic that continues to shroud the world in isolation, anxiety and uncertainty, we need as many avenues as possible to find joy and connect with one another.

That’s why we are sure you’ll love our Monogram Postcards! With packs of eight cards available that come in a range of colours, they’re the perfect way to personalise ongoing messages to someone you are missing as we navigate our way through the world at the moment.

It’s also a fantastic activity to involve the kids. Not only can they compose and write letters to friends and family members, but they can do so with their own personalised stationery.

It’s also something that is not too taxing or time-consuming for you or them! You don’t need to write a lot on a postcard; it’ll just be nice for recipients to know you’re thinking of them.

Now, all that’s left is to see just how much you remember about cursive handwriting!

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Are you someone who misses the romantic charm of a hand-written letter or postcard? Do you like our Monogram Postcards? Who would you send one to if you had a pack? Let us know on Facebook!