Meet our magical new friends, Hygenie and Washing Wizard!

A picture of the SOY hygiene friends, Hygenie and Washing Wizard

Looking for a way to make hygiene fun and appealing for your kids? Stuck On You’s new best friends and their magical story can help!

‘Strict hygiene’ is the phrase on everyone’s lips at the moment. With the current state of the world, it’s just about all any of us can think about. We’ve got to wash our hands with more vigour than ever before, sneeze into our elbows, and not eat the food we’ve dropped on the floor (okay, that one should go without saying).

But that’s fine for us adults. We comprehend the consequences of not adhering to all the strict government guidelines. But what about kids who are used to playing outside in the mud, tackling the dog, or seeing exactly what leaves taste like? For them, strict hygiene can be a very foreign concept.

How do we convey just how important it is to be safe, careful and healthy at the moment? We’ve got to make the importance of hygiene fun. This is where Stuck On You, our new best friends, and their adventures come in!

The story of Hygenie and Washing Wizard

Once upon a time, in the land of Koronah, there was a magical wizard who lived alone in Castle Germalot. The castle was an absolute mess. The walls were covered with cobwebs, the moat had an unbearable stench, and the drawbridge was falling to pieces.

The wizard’s spells were always failing because of the state of his castle. One day while attempting a new spell—giving an old housewarming present he’d never used, a broom, the power of flight—his uncleanliness almost became his undoing.

He waved his wand vigorously, chanting the magical word quarantinia over and over again. But the wand was so riddled with dust that the spell malfunctioned and the wizard started a fire. Furiously searching the castle for his water spell, he tripped on an item that had been left strewn about with so many others.

He studied it carefully and realised it was a lamp. He wondered if it could contain any water to use on the fire and, while shaking it to check, was amazed when out of the lamp appeared a genie!

‘Greetings,’ announced the genie. ‘My name is Hygenie. I am the very hygienic genie. I have come to grant you three wishes.’ Without even thinking, the wizard asked to have the fire extinguished. The genie immediately complied and the fire disappeared.

‘Oh, thank you,’ said the wizard. ‘I was about to lose Castle Germalot!’
‘You’re welcome. What is your second wish?’ asked Hygenie.
The wizard looked around at what had just occurred and was quite sure he never wanted it to happen again. ‘I wish for my castle to be spotless.’

With a click of her finger, Hygenie made it so. Suddenly Castle Germalot was so clean it would even need a new name!

‘You have one more wish,’ Hygenie announced. Again, the wizard thought long and hard about what he would wish for. Then it dawned on him. If he could be clean all the time then he would never have any more mishaps and his spells would always work. Not to mention he’d feel healthy and happy all the time and keep his friends and family safe too!

‘Hygenie, could you please make me clean and hygienic all the time? Then I’ll finally be a successful and caring wizard who keeps myself and everyone I care about free from germs and illness!’

‘It shall be done.’ Hygenie waved her hands at the wizard and, before he knew it, the wizard had a brand-new cloak and hat. His wand was now free from any dust, and he also noticed lots of new places around the castle to wash his hands—as well as heaps of helpful signs to remind him how to stay clean.

‘From this day forward, I shall call myself Washing Wizard. I will use all my power to help others stay healthy in the land of Koronah. Thank you, Hygenie!’

But Hygenie had already vanished, back into her lamp, ready to help the next person learn all about hygiene, cleanliness and why a broom can be more than just a magical means of transport.

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Inspiring little hygeniuses

With the latest members of the Stuck On You family, Hygenie and Washing Wizard, children have fun characters to teach them all about the importance of hygiene and cleanliness.

We’ve created all sorts of ways for kids to interact with these characters and most importantly learn the lessons associated with hygiene during the current worldwide pandemic.

There are free downloads to check out on our Stuck At Home Activities Page, as well as Reward Charts for purchase—and all of these items will encourage your children to have healthy habits now and when life resumes some normality! They will also help to develop children’s lifelong hygiene practises, keeping themselves and everyone around them safe.

Even better, until 4 May 2020, everyone who enters our Stuck At Home giveaway will receive a free pack of Hygenie and Washing Wizard labels. Click here for all the details!

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