Why flash cards are a great and easy activity for kids

A picture of Stuck On You Flash Cards

A deck of flash cards is one of the best ways to start your child’s learning journey. We’ve got a ‘newsflash’ to explain why they’re such a great activity for kids.

Flash cards may sound a bit old-school in today’s device-obsessed landscape. Children are born into a world where we’re all genetically attached to our phones—so it only makes sense to favour utilising technology as a way to begin imparting their life lessons.

But phones and tablets have their limitations when your looking for educational activities for kids. They can lock up frequently, they can run out of power entirely, and they are easily dropped in the fumbling hands of small children who have just been distracted by the dog running through the living room.

Worst of all, they don’t create any real interaction or engagement between parent and child.

So, are there alternatives when you’re ready to begin developing your kids’ minds? Of course, there are—and one of the best is a pack of gorgeous flash cards!

A flash course

Depending on how new you are to parenthood (or possibly how long it is since you were a child yourself), you may be a little hazy about what we’re talking about when we say ‘flash cards’.

Your parents and teachers probably used them when you were a little one. Maybe it was to increase your brainpower; maybe it was to improve your language skills; or maybe it was to distract you from redecorating the kitchen floor in your pots and pans motif. But whatever the reason—flash cards helped you turn out alright.

In a nutshell, they’re a series of cards that focus on establishing foundation skills like literacy, numeracy and cognition.A picture of Stuck On You Letter Flash Cards

A card knock life

So, how do they work? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. They tap into a young child’s most prominent attribute—that being sight—and utilise visual stimuli to begin developing other important traits.

By seeing cute, striking and colourful illustrations, children are more inclined to remember said image and thus associate it with the words you are helping them to read and with the sounds you are helping them to speak.

The cards provide plenty of variety you can go through one by one, and the repeated use of the pack of cards will then naturally improve understanding and start to build memory.

A picture of Stuck On You Colour Flash Cards

A flash in the plan

Breaking out flash cards doesn’t mean you can go and watch your favourite movie.

The most important factor in the use of flash cards is you as the facilitator. It is your responsibility to guide the lesson. The flash cards are the visual aid, but you’re very much the teacher.

But with an effective set of flash cards, the education can be easy and fun for both you and the young mind you’re developing.

So, whether it’s for learning numbers, letters, sounds, shapes, animals, emotions or colours, Stuck On You has a set of flash cards for the job. Check out our entire range right here.

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Two heads are better than one

And how about this for an awesome idea! Why don’t you try using two packs of the same flash cards to create a memory game. It’ll start working your little one’s comprehension and memory at the same time. Talk about a win, win activity for kids!

How effective have you found flash cards to be when educating your children? Let us know in the comment section below!