Good Things Come in Trees

A heart carved into a trunk for National Tree Day

This Sunday is National Tree Day, and organisations across Australia will be doing their bit to help out. Find out how you and your kids can get involved. National Tree Day has been happening in Australia for over twenty years. Started by Planet Ark and Olivia Newton-John in 1996, it has developed into an annual […]

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The 11 undisputed rules of Backyard Cricket

The author's family take Backyard Cricket very seriously

A recent survey (of the Stuck On You team) has revealed that backyard cricket is the number one preferred sport to play on Australia Day. It’s also the number one reason behind most of the arguments that break out on this particular day. In the spirit of mateship, fairness and a bloody good time here […]

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Gardening with kids – how to get them to grow and eat their own vegetables

Most children are open to the idea of starting a garden, but keeping them interested until it’s time to harvest your crops can be a challenge. Then there’s the whole matter of getting your little darlings to eat the veggies they’ve grown. Before you write off the idea of getting your children to eat homegrown […]

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Gardening for kids – 3 easy plants for kids to grow

Enjoying the therapeutic benefits of gardening is no longer the domain of retirees. Younger adults and especially children can reap many of its rewards. Apart from getting fresh air, learning about the science of growing things and enjoying the nutritional advantages of home-grown food, gardening promotes increased responsibility, patience and a greater respect for the […]

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Happy Earth Day!


Children are the future. At Stuck on You we care about the planet’s well-being as much as we care about you and your kids. We always talk about caring for and organizing your home, but what about OUR home? The one we all share, the Earth. To celebrate this beautiful world, filled with magical places, […]

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Create your own enchanted fairy garden

Image: My Cotton Creations

There isn’t a kid on earth who doesn’t love getting swept up in the world of magic. Invite the fairies into your garden with this easy DIY project (great for grandparents!) and nurture a love of the outdoors in the process. What you’ll need: Pot or planter – decide on your location and then figure […]

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10 indoor plants you can’t kill

Kookaburra horticulture

Filling your home with a touch of green can do wonders for the mind, body, soul… and it’s easy on the eyes too! If your green thumb is still ripening, we’ve found 10 brilliant indoor plants that thrive on neglect. They’re not impossible to kill, but we think even the laziest of gardener could manage to keep […]

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Gardening for beginners: No-fail flowers

Image: Floret Flowers

I can do all sorts of things. Write. Read music. Change a nappy while talking on the phone. Sadly, gardening is not on the list. If you were born without a green thumb, it doesn’t mean you can never grow a gorgeous, low-maintenance garden. Start of small and build your confidence. Plant one (or all!) […]

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