The Shaped Crusader

A photo of Bento Accessories that can be used to make shaped food

We’ve got the best recipes to make shaped food for your little ones with our fantastic new Bento Accessories Box Set! Shaped food is a great way to get into your kids’ good books—and helps perform a masterful act of deception when you’re trying to get them to eat what they might otherwise not (in […]

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The Mealtime of Your Life

A picture of cupcake trays for fun mealtime preparation

With the launch of our brand new Bento Accessories Box Set, we’re taking a look at all the ways you can make mealtime preparation with kids fun! Mealtime preparation can take on several possible forms. There’s the picture-perfect image you’re going to see in lifestyle magazines—the one where parents and kids coexist side by side […]

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In the Box Seat

A picture of a dog in a box for the SOY boxing day quiz

Have you ever wondered what sort of box you are? Probably not. But just in case you have, we have the answer with our Boxing Day quiz! A Boxing Day quiz is the logical follow-up to our piece about the origin of Boxing Day, right? “I guess so. I’ve never really thought about it,” we […]

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The Whole Boxing Day and Dice

A picture of two kids in boxes for boxing day

We’ve got the stories behind why the day after Christmas is known as Boxing Day. Not to mention the box your kids shouldn’t be without! Boxing Day is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. Especially as we haven’t even crossed Christmas off the list yet. Or maybe it’s the first thing on […]

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The Three ’Slaws of Robotics

A picture of a robot pancake for great robot recipes

Do you have a child who’s into robots? We’ve got the best robot recipes you can use to keep all the cogs turning. Robot recipes may be just what you need if you have a child who’s into cyborgs, androids and all other kinds of mechanical beings. After all, you may as well take their […]

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Why, Robot?

A picture of kids and robots

We’ve got our thoughts on why kids and robots are like peas in a pod; plus our top five perfect cyborg friends for your little ones! Kids and robots pretty much go hand-in-hand. Or is that hand-in-piston? Hand-in-cog? Well, whatever it is, it’s hard to find a child that isn’t going to at least have […]

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A Stocking Point

A picture of a family gathered around their Christmas stockings

Ever wondered about the festive tradition of Christmas stockings? We have the fascinating history—as well as personalised stockings for your whole family! Christmas stockings are another of those Christmas traditions we just grow up with and never really think about the what, why or how. Actually, that’s not entirely true. We do think about the […]

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The Reindeering Champion

A picture of a reindeer for Christmas games

We all know that Christmas is the silly season. But with some thoughtful Christmas games, you and your kids can be anything but silly! Christmas games are an excellent way to take the focus off all-consuming aspects of the festive season. For starters, you may have children who are a little too fixated with the […]

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Return to Santa

A picture of a mailbox awaiting a Santa letter

Has your child given you a Santa letter to post? Here’s a quick history of the custom and how to get a personalised reply! A Santa letter is a Christmas tradition that has been around for hundreds of years. Yet it still seems immensely popular with young children today. But it’s somewhat of a festive […]

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’Tis the Season to be Sustainable

A picture of a Santa sack for a sustainable Christmas

We’ve got a few great tips and some fantastic products to help you celebrate an environmentally-conscious and sustainable Christmas. A sustainable Christmas sounds like the kind of wet blanket idea Ebeneezer Scrooge would bring to the table when the festive season rolls around. He’d be there stopping you from turning on the Christmas lights as […]

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