Homework it Out

A picture of a child doing homework

Struggling with kids not doing homework? Try a few of our ideas to see if you can get them back into a studying regime. Doing homework always seems to rank pretty highly on the list of things that kids can’t stand. Other contenders include the room clean-up, helping out with chores, and not causing a […]

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The School of Life

A picture of a group of children enjoying school

Helping kids with enjoying school is a tough task for any parent, but there are plenty of things you can do to motivate them. Enjoying school is one of the ultimate goals parents have for their children. Sure, there are those pesky results to achieve, but having kids who are happy and excited by the […]

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Quench Their First

A picture of a young girl sitting against a wall with her SOY products

It probably seems like your child’s first school day is destined to be a traumatic event. But with a few simple tips, it doesn’t have to be that way! The first school day can seem like an occasion that’s never going to arrive. Then, when it does, you wonder how it snuck up so quickly. […]

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Uniformula One

A picture of children in their school uniforms waiting for the bus

School uniforms are essential to organise when school holidays are ending. Here are some great hacks to look after them in the build-up to back-to-school! School uniforms make the daily grind of getting kids dressed for school far simpler. After all, there are few parents who have the time to keep up with the latest […]

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The Final Countdown

A chalkboard for school holidays ending

School holidays ending can lead to a combination of your own anticipation mixed with your child’s anxiety. Try these tips to overcome both. School holidays ending soon? The idea probably has you a little giddy. Suddenly you’re reading your calendar with more enthusiasm than your favourite book! But at the same time, you remember how […]

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Sun, Surf and Sandwiches

A child running on a beach to find beach recipes

Grab a brand-new Turkish Towel or Poncho, get comfortable on the beach, and indulge in one of our top five beach recipes. Beach recipes sound like the sort of idea someone who’s never had kids would invent. Who can fathom a day-trip involving sun, surf and sand coupled with any kind of food preparation? Well, […]

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Take Beach Day as it Comes

A picture of kids enjoying beach days

We’ve just released our brand new Turkish Towel and Poncho for those beautiful beach days! Here are the details—and some tips for taking the kids to the surf. Beach days are what so many of us dream about while we’re hunkering down during the cold months of Winter. You can almost taste the sunshine, the […]

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The Whole Boxing Day and Dice

A picture of two kids in boxes for boxing day

We’ve got the stories behind why the day after Christmas is known as Boxing Day. Not to mention the box your kids shouldn’t be without! Boxing Day is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. Especially as we haven’t even crossed Christmas off the list yet. Or maybe it’s the first thing on […]

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The Three ’Slaws of Robotics

A picture of a robot pancake for great robot recipes

Do you have a child who’s into robots? We’ve got the best robot recipes you can use to keep all the cogs turning. Robot recipes may be just what you need if you have a child who’s into cyborgs, androids and all other kinds of mechanical beings. After all, you may as well take their […]

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Why, Robot?

A picture of kids and robots

We’ve got our thoughts on why kids and robots are like peas in a pod; plus our top five perfect cyborg friends for your little ones! Kids and robots pretty much go hand-in-hand. Or is that hand-in-piston? Hand-in-cog? Well, whatever it is, it’s hard to find a child that isn’t going to at least have […]

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